How do I sign up to Bengabet?
Simply use your mobile number and select a password to login to Bengabet. Registration can be done here.

How much does it cost to open an account?
Opening a Bengabet account is completely free of charge. 

What are the requirements for opening an account?
You must be over 18 years old with a valid phone number registered with Airtel Mobile Money, MTN MoMo or Zamtel Zampay. 

Why do you need my phone number?
Bengabet uses players mobile number for player identification and money transfer services. The mobile number you use to signup with is the number you can use to transact with us. If you signup with an Airtel number you can use Airtel Money, if you use MTN number you can use MTN MoMo and if you use Zamtel you can use Zampay.

How can I check the balance on my account?
To check the balance on your account simply login to your account and check your balance on the top of the screen.

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?
If you forgot your password you need to create a new password. This is because your password is encrypted and we are not able to retrieve it. Creating a new password is easy, just goto Recover Password and enter your registered mobile number. An SMS will be sent with your new password.

What happens when my bet wins?
When your bet wins, the winnings will automatically be added to your Bengabet account. If there’s a slight delay in this process, it’s because a specific result is awaiting confirmation from the match’s governing body. 

What is my username?
Your username is your mobile phone number.

What does stake mean?
A stake is the money that the customer wagers per betslip. If you plave a bet for 15 kwacha, then 15 kwacha is the stake you play.

Is it important to logout of my account?
Yes! Make sure you always logout as someone else might use your account and money to place bets.

Is my mobile money account linked to my Bengabet account? 
No, the two accounts are not connected. We only receive and send money to/from your mobile money account when you request a transfer.

Do I need to keep the transaction code from the mobile money provider after sending money?
Yes, we recommend you keep for a few hours in case there are any issue with the transaction. If there is any problem, we can only fix it if we have the transaction ID.

How do I place bet?
To place a bet, select the outcome on the game you want to bet on then place your stake and click on Place Bet.
For more information on how to bet, please visit the How To Bet page.

Can I place a multiple bet as one bet?
Yes, you can place a multiple bet predicting the outcome of several teams will win. Please note you cannot combine multiple bets on the same event/game.

How can I keep track of my bets?
To keep track of your bets, login to your account and visit My Bet History page. 

Can I place bet on my Ipad or my tablet?
Yes, from your device you just need to visit our mobile site on https://m.bengabet.com/zm

For soccer, results are based on what time?
Unless stated otherwise, all results are based on 90 minutes.

When are results posted?
The results for any game are posted as soon as the winner is known. You can see the final results in the ticket details of each of your bet when they are settled. 

When are my winnings credited to my account?
Your winnings are credited after the results have been posted.

Do you post exact scores or results on Bengabet
No, we do not post scores or results here. We specifically post the winners of the match that reflects in your bet statement. We do not maintain a results page which shows like the number of goals, who scored etc. 

Where can I find the result of a specific game?
There are many websites publishing results for all the games such as:
Soka Africa

When is my balance updated?
Your balance will be updated immediately.

When can I withdraw my money?
You can withdraw money 24h a day, 365 days a year.

Can I withdraw all my winnings?

Can I withdraw immediately after winning?
Yes. As soon as your winnings are reflected into your Betkey account, you can withdraw it. 

Why is my balance on the mobilesite from my smartphone different than from my computer?
If you haven’t logged out from one of the platforms when logging in to the other, your balance will not update. So just log out, log in again and your balance will be updated